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Story 1

Veena and the Time Machine
Veena finds an old pair of sunglasses that give her the power to see ghosts of native American Indians. Looking for an answer, she use Prof. Bob's time machine. Together, they find New Wave kids in 1982, Black Panther revolutionaries in 1974 and scientific drug experiments in 1963

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Introducing Veena's neighbor, Victor.

One of those true story and more short stories.
Early attempt at doing stories in an "autobiographical" mode. They quickly became fiction ( that's what they are anyway, just look at Seth's It’s a Good Life, if You Don’t Weaken ! ) and "I" , as a character, became Victor; Veena's neighbor. These very short stories are about life, the passage of time, growing older, drug use and dreams.


Story 2

That weird feeling
While in her appartment, Veena avoid just barely to get raped by a ghost...because he was too shy ? Who was he ? Why ? Veena play the detective. Cameo by Victor.

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Story 3

The Expanding Spiral
Victor is met by Veena in a bar. But strangely, they never met before. Victor mention that he has changed his own life with time travel. Did you ever dream that you could have changed your past and made everything better? Victor did meet a Genie, and her wish granted him the power to make everything better. Or did it?

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The Space Cycle

While her first adventure use a time travel machine to go to the recent past, Veena will eventually visit "a" futur. The space cycle begin by introducing us to its main characters; John Star and Paul Dixon.


Story 1

John Star: The Uranian Revolution
John is an Earth agent. He just stopped a Coup d'Etat by Uranus's slave labor. But he get thrown in prison by Princess Futura, just too happy to be back in power. Why did she betray her own ally ? Who is behind all of this? An even more sinister power far from Earth ?…

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